Hand-Made and Hand-Painted Ceramics and Pottery From France!

Discover beautiful hand-made and hand-painted ceramics and pottery from France!

Are you feeling stuck for fresh decorating ideas? Go Provencal with stunning hand painted French pottery and ceramics! You too can make your everyday world that little bit brighter and more exciting with the vivid colors and designs that have been painted onto these vibrant home accessories.

Each piece has been skilfully hand made and hand painted with the utmost care and attention. Your morning coffee will taste all that more refreshing when drunk from a beautiful hand-painted coffee cup and even a simple salad can be jazzed up when served in an eye-catching salad bowl.

Although the designs are similar no two pieces are exactly alike and you will feel as though your homeware has been designed with only you in mind. That 'French feel' can be achieved through the home and garden with these striking accessories and Mediterranean style garden pots and planters.

Whether you are looking for unusual gifts for friends or simply on the hunt for new kitchen accessories or homeware these original and unique pieces can be the cornerstone for any new redecorating plans that you have in mind. The intricacy and charm of the designs on the ceramics make them the perfect gifts for women.

There is also need to trudge around the shops since because these gorgeous pieces are readily available online and can be shipped all over the world. You can browse through hundreds of attractive items from the comfort of your own home and even completely redesign your home with just a few basic, yet interesting pieces, such as ceramic oil bottles.

Rediscover your joie de vivre and live every day like you are in the South of France.

A Brief History of French Pottery: The French have been expert pottery makers for many centuries. In Saintes, on the river Charente ornamented pottery has been discovered which dates as early as 1511. Up until this period in time the pottery had mainly been emblazoned with coats of arms and fleur-de-lise but around the early 1500's other forms of decoration began to be applied, such as flowers, leaves, branches and fruits, and these classic designs became the prototype for the beautiful patterns we are today accustomed to seeing on French ceramics and pottery today. The French have been designing these unique pieces for many generations and their expertise is reflected in the fine pieces that are available to us all.