Why Need a Specialist for Residential and for Commercial Roofing?

Why Need a Specialist for Residential and for Commercial Roofing

Whether you’re building a home or a new business establishment, it’s best that you find a roofing specialist that works with either residential or commercial roofs. Always know the difference between these two and always call the right people to do the job.

While both have the same purpose, there’s a difference between a residential and a commercial one. Today, we’ll be talking about that and why it’s important to find a specialist.

Materials Used

The first difference between residential and commercial roofing systems are the materials being used. While both types of roofing may use the same type of material for the roof covering such as asphalt shingles, the size will be different. This is because commercial establishments are normally bigger than residential properties.

Appropriate materials are also chosen depending on the roof’s slope, the size of the building and its average occupancy, and the normal weather in the place.

If there should be any similarity between these, every material should be of the highest quality to guarantee a longer lifespan and its durability in case the harshest weather comes.


There’s also a world of difference between a common residential structure and that of an industrial building. That said, the design of the roof should be appropriate with the architecture of the property.

Most commercial roofs are designed to be flat or low sloped and much larger than a residential one, which on the other hand, tends to be steeper. However, unconventional designs exist for both types of properties, and your specialist should be able to tell which design works best depending on its architecture.


Even the cost is different for these properties. You’ll find residential roofs cheaper because you can choose cheaper options for the material such as wood. The space is also smaller meaning you only need little material to cover it up.

Commercial establishments, especially industrial properties, tend to be bigger. The materials are also more durable and therefore, more expensive.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is how they are installed.

Residential roofs are easier to design, build and install. Overall, the challenge is how to work around chimneys. Meanwhile, commercial establishments have external piping, airflow systems, and smokestacks. It’s more challenging and requires specialists that are trained specifically for these scenarios.

The Importance of Specialists

A good roof specialist undergoes training to enhance their skills and to update themselves about the latest roofing techniques and methods. If they specialize in residential roof, they probably have only familiarized themselves with how to install roofs on people’s homes. Put them in a work fit for a commercial roof specialist, and they’d be lost – and vice versa.

When trying to find a roof specialist, you have to check what area they specialize in to get the appropriate services you require and to guarantee the best results.

Be reminded though, some companies focus solely on either these categories. But there are also companies like us in Vancouver that have specialists who are well-versed in both residential and commercial roofing services.