Benefits of Using Astroturf

Benefits of Using Astroturf

For more than half of a decade, AstroTurf has been providing fine quality synthetic grass. As one of the oldest brands that provide artificial turf, many even use the term Astroturf to refer to synthetic turf. Nowadays the use of Astroturf or grass substitute increases due to dozens of its advantages. Compared to natural grass, here are the benefits of using Astroturf.

Save more time

To grow and to take care of natural grass, people need to invest not only money but also time. Growing takes time. Mowing takes time. Removing pests also takes time. Yet, Astroturf will exclude those activities for its owner since synthetic turf is a not living thing. The turf only needs the installment and a small but regular maintenance such as cleaning the dirt, brushing, or removing stains (if needed).


Last longer

Well-maintained artificial turf usually lasts ten to twenty-five years. Well, it means that for at least ten years your field will look steady green through the changing season. Natural grass cannot preserve its green in certain seasons and weather. During the drought, most living grass will turn into yellowish color and some bald spots might occur in a lawn. However, those cases will not happen to Astroturf. It will be evergreen as long as there is any dye spilled on it.  

Pest free

Naturally, the grass is a home for dozens of insects and other living things. Then to keep the grass looking good, other living things like insects must be minimalized. That is why people use pesticides and fertilizers. Yet, using too many pesticides and fertilizers slowly damages the environment and they are not safe for human interaction too. Meanwhile, the grass is mostly where children and pets play. Hence, pesticides could affect human and animal health too.

With the use of Astroturf, the health problem is not something that needs to be worried about because synthetic grass does not require pesticides or fertilizers. Still, regular checking and cleaning of the soil underneath the turf need to be done. The overgrown weeds sometimes could penetrate Astroturf and damage the surfaces.

Pest free

It is eco-friendly

As mentioned before, Astroturf does not need any additional chemicals like pesticides. Furthermore, there is no demand for daily watering also. It does not only save the bill but also the environment since some areas are lacking water. The effort to take care of living grass also costs a lot of electricity energy including trimming, mowing and blowing. The energy will be saved if one uses Astro Turf instead.

While the writer is fully aware that in the making of artificial grass, some manufacturers might produce some pollution. Hence, buying turf from environmentally friendly manufacturers is highly recommended. Once the turf is worn out, do not throw out the turf directly. Instead, try to recycle the turf into something.

Help to keep the house clean

In the rain season, natural grass tends to have puddles and mud. Anyone who across the grass might bring the mud or the dirt water at least. It also applies to pets like dogs especially. In contrast, puddles and mud rarely occur on turfgrass, so anything that passes on it will not leave any mud stains on their feet. This will keep the house clean.