Why Are Retaining Walls Important for Your Garden?

Why Are Retaining Walls Important for Your Garden

If your home features elevated or sloping yard spaces, you may be planning to have them levelled with the remaining landscape or leaving them as they are.

Definitely, levelling the spaces will let you enjoy a large flat landscape; but it’s likely to end up in being more expensive and time-consuming.

Why Are Retaining Walls Important for Your Garden

To work it the other way around, the landscape can be designed in such a way that it’ll let you have your sloping spaces a new dimension, i.e. a structure that’s aesthetically more pleasing and functional.

This can be done with retaining walls. With retaining walls, you can produce an exclusive landscape.

When installed correctly with the help of someone expert in retaining walls Eastern Suburbs like Amico for example, retaining walls help you control soil and eventually prevent its erosion.

You can choose to build retaining walls either freestanding or joined with other structures in your landscapes. The work should be done by an expert to make it perfect.

Weight of the soil and pressure behind the wall should be taken into account. Also, you may have to obtain a permit depending upon the height of the wall.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Various Materials

You don’t have to worry regarding whether the retaining wall will match the style of your home or current landscape.

Today there are various materials available such as timber, stones and bricks to make the wall match your style. Stones are more popular because of their rustic, elegant appeal; however, they can be costlier.

Working with Professionals

Building a retaining wall is not as easy as it looks. The wall should be strong enough to support the soil behind it.

You should compact the back fill and apply it in multiple layers so that the pressure is applied downward and not against the wall.

Another consideration should be given to drainage to allow water flow over or through the blocks and then far from the wall.

If water is trapped inside the structure of the wall, there is a danger of soil becoming saturated and worse even, the base material could be washed away.

Therefore it’s better to get the retaining wall built by professionals that offer expert landscaping services Sydney like Amico so that you have the desired peace of mind that your structure is safe.

Various Design Patterns

You don’t have to limit your retaining wall design to a straight one. You can choose curved patterns to achieve a more stylish look.

Talk to your landscape designer about various patterns and check whether they could be feasible.

Uses of Retaining Walls

Before building a retaining wall, if you decide about what you’ll be using it for other than decorating your slopes and preventing soil erosion, you can be more definite about its design.

Defining Outdoor Kitchen or Entertainment Areas

Retaining walls can create stunning private getaways by defining your entertainment areas or outdoor kitchen.

For a natural flow, you can build it with the same type of paving stones as you’ve used in other spaces in your yard.

Increased Number of Seating Areas

You can turn your retaining walls into seat walls. This way you can have more number of areas to entertain and let your guests lounge around.

Decorate with Your Favorite Plants

Let your retaining wall be an element to showcase your favourite plants. Also you can have a dedicated portion in yard with retaining walls around to practise gardening and plant freely.

Retaining walls make your outdoor space more functional and beautiful and if installed properly, they don’t even need a lot of upkeep. You just have keep checking pipes and make sure they are not clogged when rain is approaching.

All in all, you should consider building retaining walls in your garden so as to enjoy it even more.