How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Sheets

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Sheets

Anyone who buys bamboo sheets knows that these are the only fabric which keeps one cool when the weather is hot and cold when the weather is warm. Additionally, you should know the Pros and cons of Bamboo sheets which are the most economical, fitting and a total value for your money. These are of the best quality which you can find almost anywhere far and wide. Having these high quality bed sheets also implies that you need to take great care in maintaining these bamboo sheets.

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Sheets

Hence there are a few tips that you can keep in mind in order to have your bamboo sheets in great condition for a long time.

No Unnecessary Chemicals –Both faded and dryer sheets can cause decaying to the bamboo sheets. In this manner it is suggested that you never utilize these unnecessary chemicals, in addition to it is superfluous on the grounds that bamboo sheets are as of now delicate and resistant to stains and spots.

No Mixing – Never wash your bamboo sheets with coarse or rough cloth since that will make them decay by rubbing against the sheets and evacuating fabric.

No Fabric Softeners – Bamboo sheets are so delicate and soft and in this way they don’t require any extra cleansers or fabric softener agents. This can spare you a lot of cash and it spares environment as well. So it makes the maintenance of the bamboo sheets very comfortable and easy.

Try not to Mix Colors – Bamboo bed sheets are to some degree defenseless to color draining when blended with other colors. Subsequently never blend differentiating and contrasting hues and do not blend whites with different hues. The reason being that quite possibly these hues will seep into each other and make your sheet look terrible.

Cold Water only – The best thing about Bamboo sheets is that they don’t require any boiling water for washing and will get spic and span if washed with cold water only. The best option is that you can use only cold water as it won’t damage the bamboo sheets unlike boiling water. On the contrary, if you want to shrink these sheets to the size they are supposed to be, then wash them hot water once just after you bought them.

No Dryer – Abstain from using a dryer on your bamboo sheet as it will harm the sheets. The heat and the movements in the dryer will damage them to the core. The best thing you can do is to dry them on the clothes line naturally, or use the coolest heat setting on your dryer if at all dryer is important for you